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Road Rage As A Criminal Offense


Road rage is criminal. It is not simply an emotional response to a long day of driving. Road rage in Michigan is probably one of those topics that are rarely talked about. It is a very complex issue especially for the person who will be charged with a violation of road rage law in Michigan.

With that, we must talk about every legality that is related to this situation should you be the one facing it.

Road Rage Numbers In Michigan

In the year 2021 alone, the number of road rage cases has become detrimentally high. The numbers are showing that there have already been around more than 300 cases of road rage and this accounts for 56% of all fatal car accidents.

If you were in one such accident, please contact our Southfield car accident attorneys today.

Imagine this scenario: you are simply driving down the road and the driving behavior of an aggressive driver that is combined with stress or anger causes them to lose their good judgment. What do you think will happen?

Here at Haque Legal, we are always on the side of our clients. The best way that we can show that we are on their side is by making sure that they know how to fight for their rights and that they know what they need to do if the situation happens to them. 

With that, let us continue this article series on road rage by talking about the specific acts that may be considered road rage in Michigan.

Is Road Rage A Criminal Offense?

Generally, road rage is not a specific criminal offense. However, the single act of road rage can cause serious felonies and come with serious penalties. As we have discussed in the first part of this series, depending on the behavior, the driver could be charged with careless driving, reckless driving, assault, the discharge of a firearm, murder, manslaughter, or a weapons charge.

Can I Sue Someone For Road Rage in Michigan?

Yes, you can sue someone for road rage in Michigan. At any time that you suffer an injury in a car accident that is caused by another person who is driving unsafely and in an overly aggressive manner, you can be sued for road rage. If the conduct of the individual was intentional, the damages that you can claim are even higher. 

What damages can I claim?

In the State of Michigan, you can claim either economic damages or non-economic damages. Economic damages are the damages that are substantiated by receipts, your medical bills, your bills relating to the healing process that you have to go through after the incident. These are the actual costs that you have to shoulder or that your insurance shouldered at the time of the accident.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are non-economic damages that cannot be substantiated by receipts or medical bills. These are the damages that are related to your own experience as the person injured. It may include compensation for sleepless nights, the anxiety, the trauma, the depression, and all of the mental health concerns that have been woken up by the injury caused to you by the other party.

When you sue for road rage in Michigan, you can sue as a third party, on the insurance claim that you have or sue for damages separately. While there is a cap on the non-economic damages, you are always entitled to that, keep this in mind.

All of this can be settled with the help of one of our Southfield personal injury attorneys. 

How do I report a road rage incident?

A road rage incident can be reported by simply calling 911. When you call 911, the dispatch will automatically give out detailed information about the person who is going on road rage and it will be more professionally handled with the right coordination.

Who do I call next?

After calling 911, make sure that you call your lawyer. If you have been in an emergency, your lawyer can help you with the documentation and you can also ensure that you follow the right steps in your pursuit of justice.

What can I do to prevent road rage?

On your own, you can always do what you can to prevent getting that feeling of rage when someone cuts you off or when someone is testing your patience. We have seen a lot of cases of road rage that becomes more aggressive because of the receiving party. 

When faced with a person who is doing road rage, you must make sure that you do the following:

Do not respond. 

To prevent the situation from escalating into something else, make sure that you do not respond. Avoid any hand gestures and any kind of nonverbal communication that prompts or aggravates the situation. It is in your hands to control your emotions.

Remain calm.

As much as possible, you should remain calm and find your peace. At the end of the day, you need to think that you need to come home, and backing off is still the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Call 911

If the aggressive driver is not changing his behavior, you should call 911. 

Are you the victim of road rage?

If you are the victim of road rage, you need to file your claim against the driver, you also need to file a claim on your insurance.

A lawyer can help you get started with your claim. A lawyer at Haque Legal will see to it that your needs are met from beginning to the end of the proceedings. You are always in good hands with Haque Legal and what it has to offer.


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the articles we have provided.

Let us help you out.

If you are having trouble with filing an insurance claim or going after someone who caused you harm because of road rage, call us immediately. If you have any problem with the law or are seeking justice and truth, our Southfield criminal defense lawyers are standing by to take your call.

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