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  • Single-Vehicle Accident
    $1,300,000 Single-Vehicle Accident

    The client lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a tree. As a result, they suffered a traumatic brain injury, herniated discs, lost wages, attendant care, replacement services, and ongoing case management.

  • Multiple Catastrophic Injuries
    $1,000,000 Multiple Catastrophic Injuries

    The client suffered a brain injury, spinal disc injuries requiring surgery, knee replacement, severe and permanent disfigurement.

  • Car Accident
    $650,000 Car Accident

    A hit-and-run driver rear-ended the client. The client needed two spinal surgeries, post-operative physical therapy, injections, lost wages, and attendant care.


This quite literally translates to “pinched nerve” or nerve root compression. Most commonly caused by herniated discs, pinched nerves can also be caused by bone spurs that form along the spine. When a disc begins to herniate, an individual may feel pain, weakness, or even numbness in their extremities. Herniations in the neck may result in radiculopathy in the arms, and herniation in the back may result in radiculopathy in the legs. If pain, numbness, or weakness exists because of compression or irritation of the nerve root it is often an occurrence of radiculopathy.

Don’t let your suffering go unnoticed, not in a situation where timing can be so crucial. The neck and back injury attorneys at Haque Legal have experienced back and neck injury attorneys who will fight to receive the benefits you deserve after an accident that has left you hurt. You won’t want to delay any longer, as strict legal deadlines or rules may come into play that restrict you from getting the compensation you want and need.


  • Disc extrusion or extruded disc occurs when the disc material ruptures through the annulus.
  • Disc sequestration or sequestered disc exists when a portion of the disc material escapes outside of the torn annulus and becomes separated from the central part of the disc.
  • Focal disc herniation is a herniation that comprises less than 25% of the disc circumference.
  • Broad-based disc herniations comprise 25-50% of the disc circumference.

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Physicians treating both neck and back injuries and, more specifically, spine surgeons, will utilize diagnostic examinations such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans to determine the extent of disc-related pathology and misalignment of the spine. The physician will then attempt to correlate the diagnostic findings with the clinical presentation of the patient.

Another diagnostic test utilized by Spine Surgeons and interventional pain management physicians is known as a discogram.

In a discogram, the physician injects contrast (dye) into an intervertebral disc to determine whether the increase in disc pressure replicates the patient’s pain. Further, most physicians will subsequently send the patient out for a post-discogram CT scan to determine whether the contrast has escaped the annulus. This enables the physician to determine whether an annular tear exists and if it is the cause of the patient’s pain. In a diagnostic myelogram, a physician will inject contrast into the thecal sac to determine whether nerve root compromise exists and to what extent.

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Bone spurs are a relatively common formation for people suffering from osteoarthritis. This condition is a state in which the cartilage between joints disintegrates over the years, causing uncomfortable joint rubbing and friction. The rubbing can eventually cause said bone spurs, which are simply rough and usually sharp areas of bone that are rarely an issue, however; if you develop a bone spur on a vertebra, this can pinch a nerve in your spine, or puncture or irritate the spinal disc; thus, causing a ruptured or herniated disc.

A herniated disc is a problem that can occur throughout the spine, but there are many injuries, which are unique to the back that may cause critical or permanent damage. Ask your neck and back injury lawyer to learn more.

Mid-Back and Lower Back Injuries

  • Thoracic Spine Injuries: The upper back is also referred to as the thoracic spine. This is a section of your spine that connects to the ribs and chest region. Any sprains, strains, or fractures to this area may cause severe and permanent nerve damage.
  • Lumbar Spine Injuries: The lumbar spine is a section of the five largest vertebrae in your spine and has some of the most important muscles to maintain stability. Any sprains, strains, or fractures in this area may make it extremely difficult to complete daily physical tasks and could also result in swelling, tenderness, or bruising.

Spinal Cord Injuries: This, by far, has the potential to be the most severe injury you can receive throughout all the neck and back injuries. These injuries can result in paralysis, either entirely or partially, and can cause many side effects including bleeding, blood clots

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  1. Microdiscectomy

Microdiscectomy (also known as micro decompression) is often used to treat leg pain caused by a herniated lumbar (back) disc that is causing leg pain. The leg pain caused by the herniated lumbar disc is commonly referred to as radiculopathy or sciatica.

  1. Lumbar laminectomy

This is a procedure to treat symptoms caused by lumbar spinal stenosis. Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the disc spaces and can be caused by many factors. Stenosis may be caused by the normal aging process in which the disc deteriorates over time, and as fluid leaves a healthy disc, the disc itself becomes flatter and the space at such disc level decreases significantly. We also may see bone spurs intruding into the disc space due to the aging process. In turn, this often results in pressure upon the nerves. Stenosis may also be caused by trauma that can alter the spinal anatomy and lead to instability. In a laminectomy, the incision is much larger than a microdiscectomy. However, the procedures are very similar in that a piece of bone and or disc material impinging upon the nerve root will be removed to create more space.

Fusion is when adjacent vertebrae are stabilized together to relieve or somewhat alleviate compression and chronic spine pain. In the case of the cervical spine, decompressions are often accompanied by a fusion of at least one level due to the higher likelihood of instability of the neck compared to the back.

Please note that the information is in no way exhaustive of all procedures or injures for the spine. The information presented is an overview of common injuries, treatment, and procedures. For more information, please consult a qualified medical professional or speak with a neck and back injury lawyer.


These injuries aren’t the limit, and some injuries not listed may be inflicted upon someone as the result of an accident, but no matter what your neck or back injury is, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so to prevent further damage or even wrongful death. If you were damaged in any way due to someone else’s negligence or lack of care, you might be entitled to compensation to cover not only the cost of the expensive medical treatment but possibly lost wages and other damages.

Haque Legal has had outstanding success with many cases related to spine injuries to the neck and back, and plan on adding to our list of impressive achievements. We’re proud to represent anyone who is a victim of unfair treatment, ignorance, negligence, or simply doesn’t know what steps to take to start their legal case.

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