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Dealing With Contested Divorce in Michigan


Dealing with a contested divorce in Michigan or anywhere else in the United States is complicated. Of course, if it was easy then it would be considered as an uncontested divorce.

In our Southfield divorce lawyers’ many years of our practice, we have seen a lot of divorces. These divorces were supposed to be uncontested and were supposed to be a breeze for the parties when they decided to get a divorce but end up bleeding into heated arguments and even some irrational acts of one, both, or either of the parties.

In this article, let us focus on the common reasons why divorce leads to contested divorce is and eventually becomes a divorce lot full of heated arguments and issues.

Divorces are personal.

In the years of practice that our law firm has had, we have settled the fact that divorces are personal. When marriages fail they fail for a reason and even the smartest lawyer in the room cannot point out all of the reasons or just a single reason for the breakdown of the marriage. Most of the time a divorce would happen because of a plethora of issues that the couple has had to deal with.

We have concluded that no matter how many divorce cases we handle in a month or in a year every divorce case is unique. One thing that couples share during the divorce is that at least once in their lives they love the person that they are trying to separate from during the proceedings. Before going through a divorce we always interview our clients and goals through a specific set of questions with them. Our consultations with the clients would lead us to look at the specific issue that they want to focus on and their priorities in terms of the divorce.

The common reasons for divorce are generally five things that would include: alimony payments, the parenting time, the custody of the children and child support payments, as well as the division of properties.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, reach out to our Southfield child custody and separation of assets attorneys today.

In Michigan, the process of filing a divorce is very simple since it is a No-fault State. However, even if the parties want to protect each other and the person who is at fault for causing the deterioration and the breakdown of the marriage, the main reason for the marriage still comes out when there are issues that the couple needs to settle.

When does a divorce in Michigan become a contested divorce?

Divorce becomes a contested divorce when there is a dispute or disagreement on one of the aspects of the divorce.

Based on our experience the contested divorce would often arise from a simple disagreement by the parties due to specific areas of their parenting time or an amount that either one of the parties is not willing to pay or property that neither of them wants to give up on.

How long will a contested divorce take?

A contested divorce will take as long as is needed for the parties to sit down and reach a resolution. In order not to club the dockets of the court this is why there are a lot of alternative ways that the court would suggest in order for the contested divorce to be resolved.

I have been in a long-contested divorce, how does it end?

Your divorce proceedings will only end when you and your ex pulse we’re able to reach an agreement as to the specifics of your life after the divorce. While there may be temporary court orders that could lead to permanent court orders this would still require the intervention of the judge and the courts. 

We always suggest that our clients discuss their predicament with their ex-partners and try to resolve the matters properly and with the assistance of a lawyer. A contested divorce may get complicated and it will take up more of your time if you are unable to reach a settlement for a compromise.

I do not want a divorce in the first place. Can I fight it?

We often ask our clients if the divorce is filed by their ex-spouse or if it is filed by them. One of the things that we noticed is the fact that some divorces take a long time to resolve because the other party is trying to hold on to the marriage. If you do not want a divorce in the first place and you were trying to fight it, contesting the divorce by holding on to specific terms would not make your marriage last any longer.

While we understand that a divorce is more of an emotional process rather than a legal process we always believe in honesty in all of our dealings. We recommend that if you do not want a divorce in the first place you have a personal conversation with your spouse and you try to work it out. 

If the conversations still do not work and your spouse is set on divorcing you it is time for you to let go of it and no longer fight the divorce. We are here to help you fight for what truly matters and that is your rights on the property and on your children.

Let Haque Legal Help You With Your Divorce

Now that you know some facts about dealing with divorce, it is time to get down to it. If you require a lawyer who can assist you with ensuring that you protect your rights to your property, it is important to know that you also have a team that can help you out with your specific needs. 

Our law firm is dedicated to making sure that those who are innocent will be protected by the law and the full extent of justice will be used.


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the articles we have provided.

Let us help you out.

If you need a lawyer to help you during your divorce proceedings, call us immediately. If your partner is threatening to separate and file for a divorce, call us immediately. It is important to take proactive steps towards protecting your legal rights and assets.  

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