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Do I need to get a Moped License?


As we have said in a previous article, operating a moped comes with various responsibilities. When you are operating a moped, you need to follow the rules set by law. In this case, you should keep in mind that the definition of your vehicle is defined in law.

In this article, let us define what a moped is and look at the rules that you need to know. 

What is a Moped?

According to Michigan authorities, mopeds and motorcycles are registered differently. Retailers may sell what appears to be a moped but is actually classified as a motorcycle. 

Let us follow what Michigan law says in Section 257.32b about a moped. A moped has the following requirements:

  • An engine that doesn’t exceed 100 cc’s piston displacement,
  • A power drive system that doesn’t require the operator to shift gears, and
  • A top speed of 30 mph or less on a level surface.
  • If the vehicle exceeds any of these criteria, it is classified as a motorcycle and must be registered and titled as such. Operation of a motorcycle requires insurance, a motorcycle endorsement, and helmet use (helmets are required for operators and passengers under age 21).

Legally, Michigan law requires that riding a moped on a bicycle path or on a sidewalk constructed for pedestrian use is illegal. Also, you don’t have the right to operate a moped in a full lane of traffic. You must stay to the right side of the lane and ride with traffic.

What is a Moped license?

A valid operator or chauffeur’s license may be used to operate a moped on Michigan roads. You are not eligible for a moped license if your operator or chauffeur’s license is suspended, revoked or denied. Unlicensed teens age 15 or older with parental approval may apply for a moped license at a Secretary of State office. Vision, written knowledge and traffic sign tests will be given.

Moped License Requirements

In order to obtain a moped license in Michigan, individuals must meet certain requirements.

  • The potential moped operator must be 15 years of age, have no other type of license, and obtain a parent or guardian’s approval if they are a minor.
  • Visit a Secretary of State office in their area. Need to bring documentation with them that proves they are who they say they are. 
  • Prove they have a Social Security number, prove their citizenship or legal residence, prove their identity, and prove their residency in Michigan.

Individuals are required to pass both a vision test and a moped knowledge test, and they will be required to pay a moped license fee. If a minor is working to obtain the moped license, they will have to have a parent or guardian sign the license application. 

For individuals who already have some type of license in the state of Michigan, they will not need to obtain a separate moped license. If individuals have a GDL Level 1 license, then they will have to have a moped privilege added. If individuals have a GDL Level 2 or Level 3 license, they may operate a moped without any type of additional endorsement.

Important Moped Rules to Know

The only individuals required to wear a helmet when operating a moped are those under the age of 19. Even though individuals 19 years of age and older are not required to wear a helmet when operating a moped, helmet use is strongly encouraged. Additionally, eye protection is not mandated but is strongly encouraged.

In Michigan, individuals are allowed to ride a moped on the roadway, but they cannot operate in the full lane of traffic. Moped operators must stay to the right side of the lane and ride with traffic. It is not legal to operate a moped on a bicycle path or a sidewalk made for pedestrians. Learn more from one of our injury lawyers in Southfield.

Required Equipment

In order for a moped to be legal in Michigan, it must have the following:

  • One headlamp is mounted between 24 inches and 54 inches above the ground, and this headlight needs to be able to illuminate individuals and vehicles at least 100 feet forward. 
  • One rear lamp that emits a red light that can be seen from 500 feet behind the vehicle.
  • One brake light that emits either a red or amber light when the brakes are applied that can be seen from 100 feet from behind the vehicle. 
  • It must have a separate light that illuminates the registration decal and makes it legible from at least 50 feet behind the vehicle. 
  • It must have at least two brakes – one on the front wheel and one on the back wheel. These brakes can be operated by hand or foot.
  • It must have a horn that can be heard under normal conditions at a distance of 200 feet or more.

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