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How does being pulled over lead to a DUI charge in Michigan? Part One: Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


In the article entitled What Do I Do On My First Pull Over That Could Lead to DUI Charges in Michigan we have discussed the things that you need to do in case you are pulled over. For the next part of the series, let us look at how being pulled over can lead to a DUI charge, the common mistakes that you may make when pulled over, and what you can do to prevent getting charged.

Here at Haque Legal, it is our goal to make sure that you can have the best kind of information possible that can help you protect your rights at a time when we cannot yet be there to help you out. 

How does being pulled over lead to a DUI charge in Michigan?

Being pulled over may lead to a DUI charge in Michigan simply when you have been proven to be driving under the influence or when the driver is under suspicion that you are under the influence. In this case, you need the help of a Southfield DUI lawyer

Common Mistakes Done When Pulled Over

There are a lot of people who get pulled over. For one reason or another the daily number increases and individuals who may not even be guilty of the traffic citation or worse, of driving under the influence, often commit mistakes that hurt their case. 

With that, let us look at the common mistakes done when pulled over that could lead to getting tested on the breathalyzer.


Panicking is one of the common mistakes done when pulled over especially for individuals who have experienced getting pulled over for the first time. When people panic it is often a sign that you are guilty or something or that you may be hiding something. 

The police officer would check the demeanor of the person who they pulled over and if they feel that they are hiding something or are in a panic not just because of nerves but because of something else they may have reasonable suspicion to further inquire and to the acts of the individual.

With this, it is known that one of the common mistakes that are done when an individual is pulled over is panicking. If you want to not panic, you need to do the following things:

Take a deep breath.

By taking a deep breath you are simply letting go of all of the negative emotions that you may be feeling and you will be able to move on. Take a deep breath as the officer walks towards you and your vehicle and make sure that you just keep yourself coming and address the officer in a very normal manner. Remember, you did not do anything wrong. 

Remember, you have rights.

Keep in mind that regardless of the guilt or innocence of the traffic citation or of the traffic violation that is being implicated in you, you will always have your rights. The police officer is only limited to writing you a traffic citation absent any showing that you are guilty of any other crime or that you are driving under the influence.

You have the right to remain silent and only answer the questions that are relating to the traffic violation. If the police officer is already writing you a citation you should keep in mind that this is not a time to panic but it is just a time to stay calm and remember that you can always fight back the traffic citation.

Call your lawyer.

In the worst possible scenario, you may be caught in a traffic stop that does not feel right at all. Of course, this depends on your nerves and you would feel it if you are not being respected by the police officers. If you cannot stop yourself from panicking, the next thing that you should do is to call your lawyer and get your lawyer to calm you down. 

Always keep in mind that your lawyer is the person who is always on your side at any given time. If you are keeping one in the retainer, you have all of the rights to call them up and get them to deal with the lawyer.

Disrespecting the Officer.

The second problem and common mistake that people often make are disrespecting the officer who pulled them over. This may happen for several reasons or may be connected to your panicking and your nerves.

We understand that there are some instances when you feel that the best way that you can bring out your emotion is to shout and fight back the frustration. As much as we understand the problem, you should remember that disrespecting the police officer may get you in more trouble than the one that you are already in. 

Arguing with the Police Officer (and Escalates the Argument)

Another common mistake that individuals who are pulled over often does is arguing with the police officer. When you argue with a police officer the matter can escalate and reach a point of no return. There are already a lot of cases where the police officers felt disrespected by the person they pulled over and the escalation further cost a lot of inconveniences to the person pulled over.

If it is your first time being pulled over and you are certain that we did not do anything wrong the best thing that you can do is to stay calm and connect with a police officer in a very professional way. You never want the odds to be flipped against you.


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the articles we have provided.

Let us help you out.

If it is your first time getting pulled over and you think that your rights have been trampled on, call our Southfield criminal defense lawyers immediately. If you have any problem with the law or are seeking justice and truth, our numbers are standing by to take your call.

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