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What if I do not have car insurance in Michigan?


It is possible that you do not have car insurance in Michigan. By one reason or another, you may have failed to renew your insurance or you may not have had enough funds to pay for the premiums. 

Here at Haque Legal, we want to make sure that you have all of the right information about what you need to do in case you have a problem with your car insurance or you have no policy in the first place.

What is the first thing to do?

The first thing that you need to do would be to contact the first responders for the emergency. The next step would be to contact us, your lawyers, to help you deal with the situation in the best and most legal way possible.

In most of the particles that we have written about what you need to do what the time of an accident will always tell you that once you were sure that the injured parties have already been addressed and that everyone else is being handled properly you need to make sure that you will contact your lawyers to help you with the legalities.

There are a lot of mistakes that you can make when dealing with first responders and the first people who would talk to you. You need to have someone always on your side to make sure that you do not go astray and make yourself even more vulnerable for the suit.

If you do not have insurance and you drove the vehicle we would even recommend that you contact us and you let us know where you are so we can send someone to help you out. The liabilities involved in causing injury or damage to other people are already very serious and the liabilities that you have, because you do not have insurance, would probably cost you a lot. 

You need to make sure that the first thing that you do is to contact the one who is always on your side – your lawyer.

What should I do while waiting?

If your lawyer cannot get to you and just give you some instructions on the things that you need to follow, you should follow them. 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you follow the instructions given to you by your lawyer in case of a collision. If the worst happens and you get into an accident outside of office hours you should still try to contact us but at the same time, the following are the things that you should do while waiting.

Get yourself checked up

You should get yourself checked up. Your priority would be your safety and your health. If you have been involved in an accident and you think that you would need it, you should do so. Get yourself checked up and make sure that you do not just focus on the cost that would pertain to you but make sure that you focus on your health and your safety.

Make sure that you do not talk to anyone

If you have already been checked up by the responders and they see that there is no need to do anything the next thing that you need to do would be to make sure that you do not talk to anyone. It is your responsibility to protect your rights without your lawyer’s presence. Do not speak with anyone even if you are being spoken to.

If the police would take you into custody, you do not need to tell them anything

If the police would take you into custody there is no need for you to answer any of their probing questions or any of the things that they would ask you. Keep in mind that the police are there to make sure that they investigate the matter in the best possible way that they can. They are not on your side. Wait for your lawyer to come before you say anything.

We have reiterated time and again that the common belief of people that they are protected when they answer the questions of the police is a mistake. Again, you should keep in mind that the police are doing what they can for them to investigate the matter and if they find that you are guilty of something, they may hold you liable for other aspects as well. Get a lawyer to assist you when you are being investigated.

Wait and try to contact your family and friends

After contacting your lawyer while waiting for him to come or to get back to make sure that you contact your friends and let them know about what happened this should also include your family who lives nearby.

Does doing the above things prevent me from getting liability?

While doing the above things ensures that you protect your rights you should keep in mind that it does not prevent you from any of the liabilities. Your lawyer in Michigan will do his best to make sure that you get off with the least kind of damage to your reputation and your permanent record but your liability is always going to be there especially when you decide to drive without proper insurance in Michigan.

Contact Your Insurance Company And Your Lawyer

If you have been involved in a car collision in Michigan, make sure that you are protected. By contacting your insurance company, you will have what you need in terms of their decision and see if they just need a little nudge in the right direction.

If the answer of the insurance company is not positive on your claim, then you need to make sure that you will get going with your complaint.

But what if you do not have insurance, as in the topic that we have in this article? You need to get the right lawyer.

A lawyer can help you get started with your claim. A lawyer at Haque Legal will see to it that your needs are met from beginning to the end of the proceedings. You are always in good hands with Haque Legal and what it has to offer.


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the articles we have provided.

Let us help you out

If you are having trouble with filing an insurance claim or have been in an auto accident in Michigan, call us immediately. If you have any problem with the law or are seeking justice and truth, our numbers are standing by to take your call. If you have no insurance and are facing intense jail time, you need to seek our help as soon as possible.

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