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Everything You Need To Know About Interlock Ignition Devices Part One


In this article, let us talk about everything that you need to know about the interlock ignition devices as well as how you can prevent getting one on your vehicle. Let us answer some of the specific questions:

Who Would Often Be Required to Get An Interlock Ignition Device?

The court and the Secretary of State may be required to give you an interlock ignition device under the following circumstances:

When you get a super drunk conviction

In the State of Michigan, there is such a thing as an elevated blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.17 or greater. A super drunk conviction comes with a lot of consequences that you may want to steer clear of. 

The following are the problems associated with super drunk driving that you may want to face in the future.

  • You may get a maximum jail penalty of 180 days.
  • You may be convicted and required not to drive for 45 days.
  • You will be required to pay a maximum fine of $200.00 to $700.00
  • You will also need to hire a lawyer, pay legal fees, pay the dockets of the courts and this could lead you to pay an approximate amount of $500.00 to $1,000.00
  • For the police response, if you caused an accident, you may be required to pay approximately $300.00 to $600.00 depending on how catastrophic the accident is.
  • There is also the requirement of community service for a period of up to 360 hours
  • Vehicle immobilization is discretionary on the part of the judge but you might as well accept that the vehicle immobilization will be required if you do not show that you are in a lucid interval to drive.
  • There is also probation of up to two years with an oversight expense that you need to deal with.
  • You may also have to deal with probation for a period of up to 2 years, plus oversight expenses. The oversight expense includes the expenses for the professionals that have been hired and paid by the State to oversee you and your recovery.
  • You may also be required to undergo a substance abuse program.
  • Before, you were required to pay a driver responsibility fee of $1000 per year for 2 years.

When you are convicted with specific drunk driving convictions with aggravating circumstances.

When you are convicted with a specific drunk driving conviction with aggravating circumstances that aggravate the case of the state against you you may also be facing an interlock ignition device.

When it is a mandatory requirement on the restricted license that you have

In one of our previous articles we have discussed that when your license is restricted, an interlock ignition device may be required to be installed by the state to check how you will be managing your drive to and from your work or place of business.

On certain crimes which may have resulted from an underlying drinking problem.

There are also instances that you may have committed certain crimes that would result from an underlying drinking problem. Keep in mind that certain crimes which may have resulted from your drinking problem will be dealt with at the highest level of strict construction by the court.

Now that you know the instances where you may be required to install an interlocking mission device on your vehicle let us talk about the other frequently asked questions that people have.

What is an interlock ignition device?

An interlocking device is a cell phone size device that is installed so that it connects to the automobile’s ignition system. Usually, it is placed inside the glove compartment and after installation, the driver must flow into the device to make sure that the car will start.

If the device shows that the individual is positive then it would automatically inform the authorities and the device will not open.

How does the interlock ignition device work?

Interlock ignition device works when the driver blows about 1.5 liters of air into the device. The interlocking device would only work if it shows that the individual driver does not have a high blood alcohol level.

Is the use of the ignition device a one-time thing?

Generally known devices are not a one-time thing and some ignition devices would require you to take a rolling test while you are driving.

How is the report made?

A device that would be installed on your automobile will morris contain a computer chip that requires having monthly downloads and this information will be sent over to the overseeing court and analyzed to see if you have been tampering with the device and if you have been properly following all of the requirements of your driving restrictions.

Do Not Drive While Impaired

Driving while impaired can result in serious injury or death. The consequences may result in steep fines, loss of driving privileges, loss of employment, or imprisonment. If you are charged with a DUI/OUI, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights. 


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the information provided.

Let us help you out.

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence or operating while intoxicated, then you need a criminal defense lawyer. Call us immediately. We offer free consultations and are on standby to take your call.

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