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What Affects The Cost Of Hiring A Family Lawyer in Michigan?


On one of our pages, we have said that we practice family law. As a Southfield Family Law Lawyer, our lawyers have handled different kinds of situations. Some clients during consultations ask us why Haque Legal should be the name to trust when it comes to family law in Michigan. Let us count the ways.

If you or a loved one is struggling with legal matters with an ex-spouse, spouse, or any family member, you might be unsure of the steps necessary to take to get the matter resolved. It is never easy pursuing legal action against a loved one. 

At Haque Legal, we understand that this could cause serious issues with your family structure. Thankfully, a skilled Southfield family law attorney at our firm can help you navigate difficult conversations to obtain the result you desire. Contact us to discuss your situation during a free consultation.

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How Much Does A Family Law Attorney From Haque Legal Charge?

As a law firm that prides itself in protecting the rights of our clients, we always offer a free first consultation. You can have us look at your situation and we will give you a general overview of what you can expect will happen once the case pursues.

Keep in mind that the free first consultation is free but any succeeding follow-ups will be charged accordingly. Generally, to give you an overview, Clio Resources shared that a typical lawyer in Michigan charges a minimum of $205 per hour up to a maximum of $463 per hour. 

Costs vary.

What Factors Are Considered By A Family Law Attorney From Haque Legal?

Many factors are considered by a family law attorney in any law firm to determine the costs that will be charged to the client. 

The complexity of the case

How complex is your family law case? Is it hard to determine the merit of the case because you and the other party cannot meet on a single understanding? What are the things that you need to know when it comes to the case that may affect the outcome? There are a lot of considerations when it comes to the complexity of a case. 

You should keep in mind that the complexity of your case will affect the overall outcome and how much the lawyer and the law firm will charge you. 

While you can discuss the per-hour rate, you can also discuss the possibility of a success fee or a contingency fee with the lawyer. While this is a practice that is often done in practice with a personal injury case, you can discuss the rate of the lawyer and how you are going to pay them if you win the case or get what you want out of the family matter that you are trying to settle.

Required discovery

Are you going to ask the lawyer to read and go over tons of messages between you and the other party just to prove a point? Is there a big discovery that is coming the lawyer’s way once he accepts the job that you offer? This is an important factor that affects the number of hours that your lawyer ultimately spends on the case and therefore it affects the number of hours that is billed against you. 

Keep in mind that your lawyer is a stranger to your case. He has no idea about your family life and it is up to the evidence that you present that could affect how the court looks at your family situation and decides in your favor. Make sure that you check out the required discovery that you would ask your lawyer to go through so you can assess why your lawyer would charge you so many billable hours. 


Do you require a lot of meetings with the other party just to settle the matter? Are you having a hard time settling the affairs and getting into a proper divorce agreement with the other party? Would you require your lawyer to meet and discuss with the other party informal setups a lot of times? These are important factors in determining what the lawyer would charge you and the total costs at the end of the day.

Client requests

Client requests are always addressed by the lawyer but they are also considered chargeable against the client. If you have specific requests other than what is already agreed upon on a fixed price, if this is what you availed of, you should expect that the lawyer will charge you for it.

Haque Legal is Here To Help

We have been around. We have handled hundreds of cases on family law, custody battles, and parenting. We can help you fight for your rights and work your way around getting that parenting time that you deserve. Haque Legal is here. You can find that the best kind of experience for you is to hire our law firm.

Here at Haque Legal, we always have your back. Make sure that on your first free consultation we tell you everything that you need to know about your divorce or custody case as well as the cost and the expenses that would be associated with it.

The consultation is free for the first time because we understand that you need to at least have that guidance coming from a reputable law firm and lawyer to assess your case. If you have concerns about your divorce or custody case and you need a lawyer to handle it you can always contact our law firm and we can talk about your situation and the best way that we can handle it, especially in terms of the expenses.

Let Haque Legal Help You With Your Case

If you require a lawyer who can assist you with ensuring that you protect your rights, it is important to know that you also have a team that can help you out with your specific needs. 

Our law firm is dedicated to making sure that those who are innocent will be protected by the law and the full extent of justice will be used


The article that you have read is based on general applications of the law. It is not legal advice and it is not to be construed as any legal consultation with the firm. No client-attorney relationship is created when you read the articles we have provided.

Let us help you out

If you need a Southfield family lawyer to help you during your proceedings, call us immediately. If you have any problem with the law or are seeking justice and truth, our numbers are standing by to take your call.

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