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Delayed Injuries You Should Watch Out For


Delayed injuries are injuries that are not apparent at the time of the accident. Injuries that you sustain through a car collision in Michigan may be apparent or not apparent.

What are apparent injuries?

Generally, apparent injuries are injuries that you can conclude are from the accident such as a broken arm, a bloody head, or even inability to move after the accident.

Apparent injuries are easy to treat and declare since they are already part of the report. They can easily be attributed to your accident and you should have no problem getting payment from your insurance policy.

What are non-apparent injuries?

Non-apparent injuries are more commonly referred to as delayed injuries. In a lot of the articles that we have written, we have discussed delayed injuries and why you should watch out for them. Delayed injuries are called as such because they become apparent later on.

Even if you are sure that the injury or trauma is from the accident, you may have a hard time getting your insurance company to pay for it especially if you have to prove that it is an injury that is related to the accident.

Here at Haque Legal, our goal is to make sure that you have all the information that could help you out and delayed injuries are no exception.

The succeeding sections are discussions of delayed injuries and when they eventually become apparent.


One of the most common kinds of delayed injury is in the form of a headache. Headaches after a car accident can take several days to get felt or to get noticed. You will even think that the headaches you have are not associated with the accident right away. 

A lot of people think that their headaches can easily be solved by over-the-counter medicine. You may also think that the headaches you have are just part of the trauma. Hence, you end up just thinking that you have an injury that is easily solvable and is not related to the crash. 

You should never do this. You should never assume that the headaches you are experiencing are merely headaches or part of the trauma. A headache can be a signal of a potentially serious problem that you have to deal with. It could mean a blood clot in the brain or a serious concussion that needs to get looked at. 

Keep in mind that even if you do not hit your head during the accident, there can be a big effect on your head. Never chalk up the headache to trauma or stress. Make sure that you get seen by a medical professional right away after an accident. Never say that ‘it is just a headache’ or self-medicate. You may end up suffering an even bigger injury if you do not take this matter seriously.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

doctor examining patient

You may also need to look at possible signs of whiplash. Whiplash happens to be one of those delayed injuries that are associated with car crashes in Michigan that you need to have a better look at.

If you suffered rear-end collisions, you may have some overextension on your nerves, joints, and the muscles in the neck. This will then eventually lead to very serious problems such as a CT scan, MRI, or an x-ray. 

Whiplash is one of those injuries that are very serious. They are detectable as long as they are studied and properly assessed by medical professionals. When caught early, you can prevent more serious injuries.

Have yourself checked through diagnostic methods before getting a massage or a chiropractor to look at the painful area. This way, you are protecting yourself from further injury.

Back Pain

Another common problem that you would have to deal with is back pain. Back pain is another delayed side effect of a car accident. You may be suffering from herniated discs, sprains, and strains. Back pain can be a sign that there is damage to your muscles, your vertebrae, or your ligaments. 

Keep in mind that back pains can be a sign of serious spine and neck injuries. For some, this may lead to brain injuries. Seek the help of a medical professional before dismissing any kind of injury as just a common injury.

Numbness in extremities

Whenever you are feeling pain, you need to visit a medical professional. However, when you are feeling any kind of numbness, you also need to make sure that you get a medical professional to look at your situation. 

It can be a sign of a problem that you are facing when you do not feel anything in any part of your body. This kind of delayed injury can happen immediately or slowly. It is you who has the best idea as to what your body can take so make sure that you check out the parts of your body when you have numbness in your extremities.

Abdominal Pain

If you are feeling any kind of pain in your stomach or on your abdomen, do not just shrug it off. It can be a sign of an internal problem that needs immediate attention. Seek medical attention when you have any kind of pain in your abdomen, no matter how serious or slight the pain may be.

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