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How to Get a Student Driver’s License in Michigan


Beginning to drive independently is an exciting milestone in any teenager’s life, so this guide for Michigan students seeking their student driver’s licenses should help ease that transition into independence. 

From understanding eligibility requirements and completion steps to all-out road travel confidence – we cover everything you need to know!

Step 1: Meeting Age Requirements

Michigan law stipulates that those looking for their student driver’s license must first turn 14 years and nine months old; this age requirement allows you to learn to drive under supervision before being issued full driver’s privileges.

Step Two: Preparing to Enroll in Segment One Driver Education Course

Before applying for your student driver’s license, completing a Segment 1 Driver Education Course is mandatory. This program equips participants with essential knowledge about road rules, traffic regulations, and safe driving techniques. 

To enroll in one parent or legal guardian’s permission is needed to enroll them in this course.

Find driver education courses near you by contacting local driving schools or visiting the Michigan Department of State website; be sure that MDOS has licensed the period you select before enrolling.

Step Three: Acquiring Your Level One Learner’s License

After completing the Segment 1 Driver Education Course, you can apply for a Level 1 Learner’s License allowing you to practice driving under supervision by an adult at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license.

To obtain your Level 1 Learner’s License, it will require:

Attend your local Secretary of State office with your parent or legal guardian and present appropriate identification documents, such as a certified birth certificate, social security number, and proof of Michigan residency.

Pass both a vision test and written knowledge test covering traffic signs, driving laws, and safe driving practices; then pay all required fees; upon completing these steps, you will receive your Level 1 Learner’s License.

Step 4: Acquiring Your Learner’s License at Level 1.

Now that you possess your Level 1 Learner’s License, it is time to gain valuable behind-the-wheel experience. Remember always to be accompanied by a licensed adult (age 21 or over) sitting in the front passenger seat as your passenger.

At this stage, drivers must employ responsible and defensive driving techniques. Work to increase your understanding of traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving techniques as you gain experience across various driving environments such as residential areas, highways, and urban streets.

Step Five: Completing Segment 2 Driver Education Course

Once you’ve held on to a Level 1 Learner’s License for three months and completed 30 hours of supervised driving, the Segment 2 Driver Education Course becomes an option. This program builds upon what was learned during Segment 1, emphasizing responsible driving behaviors, risk perception, and decision-making skills.

After completing Segment 2, you will receive a certificate necessary for the next steps in the licensing process.

Step Six: Apply for a Level 2 Intermediate License

With your Segment 2 Driver Education Course certificate in hand, it is time to apply for your Level 2 Intermediate License – permitting you to drive without adult supervision but subject to certain restrictions.

To obtain your Level 2 Intermediate License, it is necessary:

Visit your local Secretary of State office. Bring identification documents and your Segment 2 certificate; take and pass a driving skills test that evaluates how well you maneuver a vehicle, parallel park it, navigate various traffic situations, and navigate different traffic situations; pay all applicable fees;

Once you’ve successfully fulfilled these requirements, congratulations! You now hold a Level 2 Intermediate License.

Step 7: Earning Your Level 3 Full License

After possessing your Level 2 Intermediate License for at least six months and being free from moving violation convictions, you can apply for your Level 3 Full License.

To obtain your Level 3 License, it is necessary:

Visit your local Secretary of State office. Bring in identification documents. Pay any applicable fees. You will be awarded your full driver’s license without restrictions or limits on successful completion!

Earning your student driver’s license in Michigan can be both an exciting and fulfilling journey. Following the step-by-step process outlined here, you can navigate all requirements while developing the necessary skills to become an ethical, skilled driver.

Always remember that driving is an ongoing skill that demands continuous development and informed decisions. Enjoy your journey, comply with road laws, and prioritize safety as you enter a new chapter of life – safe driving!

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