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Understanding Disinheritance in Michigan


Divorcing someone can be a complex legal matter that requires thoughtful consideration and adherence to local law in your jurisdiction. Michigan disinheritance laws have specific guidelines and limitations which must be understood for valid disinheritance to occur legally and validly. 

This article offers an in-depth look into who can be disinherited in Michigan, the legal requirements involved, and other vital considerations when disinheriting someone in this state.

What Is Disinheritance? 

Disinheritance refers to intentionally excluding specific individuals from inheriting any part of your estate or assets upon your death. In Michigan, disinheriting almost anyone is permitted by law (such as family members and spouses); however, there may be certain exceptions and legal considerations which must be considered before doing so.


In Michigan, it is essential to remember that it is illegal to disinherit your spouse entirely. Under state law, surviving spouses are entitled to claim an “elective share,” meaning even if you explicitly exclude your partner in your will, they still have the right to claim some portion of it from you – an amount determined by the length of the marriage can range anywhere between one-third to one-half of the estate value.


Michigan permits disinheriting your children; however, specific vital considerations must be considered before proceeding. It’s crucial that if you wish to disinherit any child, explicitly state it in your will or estate plan, as failing to do so could result in legal disputes after your passing and may create significant challenges to the claimant’s inheritance rights.

Michigan law protects children from accidental disinheritance. If a child is left out of your will without a clear explanation, courts may assume it was an oversight and invalidate your disinheritance decision. 

To ensure any disinheritance takes effect correctly and avoid confusion later, clearly state your intentions and reasons in your will so there can be no confusion over your intent and evidence of your deliberate decision to disinherit them.

Family Members and Individuals

Michigan law does not restrict your ability to disinherit family members, such as your parents, siblings or extended relatives. Furthermore, you have complete freedom in disinheriting non-family members such as friends or acquaintances from your estate. As with any disinheritance plan, explicitly state your intentions within your will for maximum legal security.

Important Considerations

Seek Legal Advice

Disinheritance can have significant legal ramifications. Therefore, you are highly advised to consult an experienced Michigan estate planning attorney who can guide you through the process, ensure compliance with state law, and help draft legally valid will or estate plans. This is where Haque Legal comes in.

Keep Clear Documentation

Clear documentation must be kept to avoid confusion or disputes over disinheritance decisions. You should clearly state your intentions, provide rationales for each one and update wills or estate plans as required.

Communicate Openly

While open communication between family members about your intentions may not be legally required, honest dialogue can help reduce conflicts and misunderstandings between family members, allow you to explain your decisions, and foster dialogue – potentially saving strained relationships or legal battles from developing later.

Disinheritance in Michigan is a legal process that requires careful thought and attention to specific guidelines. 

While you can disinherit a range of individuals – both family members and non-family members alike – it’s crucial that you fully comprehend any limitations or legal requirements involved with disinheriting someone. Securing professional legal advice and documenting all wishes are taken care of in fulfilling them per state law to avoid future disputes over this complex matter.

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