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Liability and Damages in Deer-Car Collisions in Michigan

Michigan provides drivers with stunning sights of beauty to drive through. However, scenic routes can become treacherous when encountering deer on the road; collisions between vehicles and deer occur frequently throughout Michigan, leading to property damage, injuries, and fatalities; understanding liability and damages involved is vital in managing any subsequent situations effectively.

Michigan boasts an abundant deer population, making deer-car collisions an ever-present concern for drivers.

According to data from Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting System, thousands of such collisions are reported yearly;. However, most result only in property damage being sustained; injuries sometimes incur severe legal and financial implications that all parties involved need to consider before moving forward with any action plan.

Liability in Deer-Car Collisions

Determining liability in deer-car collisions can be complex as deer are wild animals that often react unexpectedly when startled or crossing roads. Michigan follows a "no-fault" insurance system wherein drivers typically receive coverage regardless of who was at fault in such incidents.

Deer-car collisions typically fall under a driver's own collision coverage plan; however, in cases where they swerve to avoid hitting one and collide with another vehicle or object instead, liability might be shared among all parties involved.

Michigan No-Fault Insurance Has Certain Exemptions

Michigan's no-fault system includes some exceptions regarding deer-car collisions, particularly severe injuries like permanent disfigurement, impairment to bodily function, or even fatalities caused by deer strikes.

Under such circumstances, those injured by these collisions could file a personal injury suit against those at fault and seek damages that typically aren't covered under basic no-fault policies, such as pain-and-suffering compensation claims against drivers responsible.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and Deer-Car Collisions

Comprehensive auto insurance can protect drivers against financial losses caused by deer-car collisions. As opposed to collision coverage, comprehensive policies cover damage done to the vehicle in other ways besides collision with other cars or objects; for instance, hitting animals such as deer.

Drivers living in areas at increased risk for deer-car collisions, such as rural or wooded regions, should strongly consider comprehensive coverage insurance to cover potential damages when colliding with deer or other animals. Such policies provide peace of mind that damages incurred due to collisions will be covered under policyholder coverage.

Reporting Deer-Car Collisions

Drivers involved in deer-car collisions in Michigan should report them immediately to law enforcement authorities regardless of the extent of damage sustained for both insurance claims purposes and to establish what caused the crash should any disputes arise later on.

How To Avoid Deer-Car Collisions

Prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Here are a few strategies for decreasing deer-car collision risk in Michigan:

Stay Informed

Get familiar with areas where deer will likely crossroads at dawn or dusk, especially during these high-risk hours.

Reduce Speed

Always drive cautiously in deer-rich regions and observe speed limits posted there, significantly where speeding could endanger their lives.

Use Your Light

High beams may help spot deer from further away when driving through rural areas with minimal traffic.

Avoid Swerving Unnecessarily

Swerving suddenly to avoid hitting deer may lead to more severe accidents; for your safety, it may be best to slow down and brake while controlling the vehicle.

Honk Your Horn

If you spot deer near the road, use your horn to scare them away using sound effects such as bellowing. Remember that deer often travel in groups, so if one appears nearby, others may be nearby too!

Deer-car collisions are, unfortunately, an all too familiar reality for Michigan drivers, making understanding liability and damage an integral component to protecting both legally and financially in such incidents.

Michigan's no-fault system provides some coverage for property damages and injuries sustained during deer-car collisions; however, comprehensive insurance is essential in protecting oneself against their effects. Being knowledgeable, driving cautiously, and taking preventative steps is one-way motorists can lessen risky encounters on Michigan's scenic roadways while increasing overall road safety.



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