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Common Defenses Employed by Southfield Criminal Lawyers in Michigan


Individuals facing criminal charges in Southfield, Michigan often enlist the services of experienced defense attorneys to defend their rights and pursue justice on their behalf. 

Legal professionals employ various strategies to secure favorable results for their clients; we will explore some common strategies Southfield criminal attorneys use to provide an in-depth view of justice sought in Southfield courts.

Presumption of Innocence 

Criminal lawyers in Southfield use the presumption of innocence as one of their core defense mechanisms during legal proceedings. Criminal attorneys take great pains in upholding this principle throughout legal proceedings, placing the onus on the prosecution to demonstrate guilt beyond reasonable doubt for every defendant charged with violating their presumption of innocence.

Criminal defense attorneys frequently challenge the prosecution’s evidence by carefully scrutinizing its credibility, authenticity, and relevance to a charge against their clients. However, when insufficient evidence is available against an accused, their defense attorneys often utilize procedural errors, chain of custody issues, or rights violations to reduce charges by weakening or dismissing them effectively.

Alibi Defense

An alibi defense asserts that the defendant was absent during the time the crime alleged was committed, thus negating their involvement in it. Southfield criminal lawyers investigate their client’s activities during this alleged event by gathering supporting evidence such as surveillance footage, eyewitness testimonies, phone records, or credit card statements to mount a convincing alibi defense on their behalf.


Self-defense is an established defense, often employed when an accused claims they took actions to defend themselves or others against imminent danger. Criminal defense attorneys in Southfield examine all circumstances surrounding an alleged crime to assess whether their client’s actions are justifiable in light of perceived threat – for instance, gathering witness statements, medical records, and/or forensic analysis as supporting evidence for self-defense claims.

Duress or Coercion 

A criminal defense attorney might assert that their defendant committed their offense due to duress or coercion from another party, thus claiming their actions were driven directly by being threatened with force from this outside source. Substantive evidence, such as witness statements or documentation of threats, must be present for this defense strategy to work.

Mistaken Identity 

Southfield criminal lawyers will frequently employ the defense of mistaken identity when the identification of the defendant is in doubt, often by questioning eyewitness accounts and uncovering any flaws in their identification processes. To do this effectively, they might present alternative suspects for examination or highlight discrepancies between witness descriptions provided and the witnesses themselves.

Constitutional Infringements

Criminal defense attorneys in Southfield take great care in protecting their client’s constitutional rights. Should any violations occur during an arrest or investigation – for instance, illegal searches and seizures or Miranda rights violations – then this attorney can challenge the admissibility of evidence obtained via these means in court proceedings, potentially weakening the prosecution’s case further.

Southfield criminal lawyers often employ an Insanity Defense, wherein their client lacks the mental capacity to understand or distinguish right and wrong at the time of an alleged offense. They often use expert testimony or psychological evaluations as proof to support their argument.

Southfield criminal lawyers in Michigan use various defenses to advocate for their client’s rights and ensure a fair legal process, from challenging evidence and asserting presumption of innocence to alibi, self-defense, duress, mistaken identity constitutional violations, and insanity as viable avenues. If you ever face criminal charges in Southfield, it can make all the difference hiring experienced defense counsel can make in a case’s outcome.

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